its bad enough that crabs are continually pinching me in the nuts whenever i try to enjoy a day at the beach, but the merry little steel drum jingle that plays when they run away afterwards makes me feel even worse

@pisscotheque idon't understand this joke i dont know what song you're referring to

@pisscotheque it sounds familiar but idk what it is so remind me

@skelltan im actually not referring to a particular song, i just think it would be funny if crabs’ mischief was accompanied by a little song. but actually, i think i was imagining the little jingle that plays at around 3:30 of this video

@pisscotheque i have seen this so i mgiht remember this in the precipices of my mind or this is a bigger thing tha u think

@pisscotheque i mean beaches and steel drum go together like angel island zone in sonic

@skelltan it’s very true, and crabs are very much the jesters of the beach. the music probably actually does play when a crab pinches someone’s nuts, it is just too quiet for us to hear

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