it is very difficult to get american root beer in the uk because apparently the secret ingredient is "poison" - as if i could not already tell this from the taste. i still want some

@oddity absolutely. we've got a sort of drink here called "tap water" - is this of any interest

@pisscotheque I have a natural spring near my house, so no thank you.


I'm sure I've seen some. Is it the sarsaparilla that's poison?

My friend got some Australian root beer off ocado and it was good for float purposes.

I think I've seen A&W at cybercandy.

There also exist weird fizzy vitamin c tablets that make artificially sweetened rootbeer. They are even more poison than normal rootbeer, but I think you can mail order them.

@celesteh apparently it's the sodium benzoate?? dunno why root beer specifically has so much. a&w is easy enough to come by online at a decent price but i reeeeallly want some barq's


Looking at wikipedia, I think it's because the US ads it and the UK has switched to a different preservative. The danger level is low.

I used to drink a can of Barqs every afternoon at 4pm. I also had a weird rash and eventually I realised they were correlated. Anyway, it turns out there's a lot of caffeine in Barqs, which makes it really hard to quit!

Do you have a soda stream? Rootbeer flavour plus sugar could be a war forward. Or it's dead easy to brew if you get the concentrate.

@celesteh ooOOOOH i didn't realise you could just make your own, maybe this will be my salvation!! though also, maybe i will just get some a&w if sustained barq's use can have those side effects...


I used to have eczema more generally but it cleared up when I transitioned.

@pisscotheque @celesteh a friend of mine make root beer all the time from extract. It's quite good

@kevinwhipwrecked yeah like if each can takes a day off my life, what was i really going to be doing with that time anyway

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