today i saw this roof, thatched by an old neighbour of ours, with little thatched boxing hares on top

@pisscotheque that’s what they mean by “thatched roof”(!!!)

i’ve never seen anything like that before

@patience yeah it’s basically just when the top of your house is made of straw!! it looks nice and keeps the heat in but it’s a fire hazard

@pisscotheque yah the fire hazard was one of the first things to come to mind, along with mould issues and even leaking in the worst hurricane-force winter storms

@patience they’re a lot sturdier than they look! but yeah, the guy who thatched this used to live in a thatched cottage down the road, until it uhhhh, burned down a few years ago

@georgespolitzer not as common as they used to be, but you still see them in small villages in the countryside! some old houses are listed and need to have them by law i think

@pisscotheque a blessing on the person who made it possible for me to read the words "little thatched boxing hares".

@envgen just because i grew up in the countryside. and spent my summers taunting the poor by dragging a raw potato just out of their reach on a string. you make the assumption that i am a tory. i think that says more about you than it does about me

@pisscotheque @envgen

I'm sure boxing hares is no longer an acceptable country pursuit either - in any case its bloody difficult to get the lids on the boxes before they jump out and run away; and its a real chore to catch the little blighters again 😆

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