@udell_games you never know... sometimes a millionaire music star is just in the mood to join a tiny british internet community for fans of prehistoric burial sites and jokes about people tripping over their own ball sacks

@pisscotheque Since he's coming from Twitter anything's an upgrade, but I can't think of a bigger upgrade than that

@pisscotheque if Pitbull joined godforsaken I think y'all would win then instance game. the sheer memeability of that alone is too much

@CornishRepublicanArmy it might break mastodon but i think pitbull would have a nice time here so maybe it's worth it

@pig you know before i heard the music of pitbull, and i saw people using the dale hashtag, i would think to myself “ah, i suppose that’s his name. dale pitbull”

@pisscotheque I'd still like to take him seriously as 'mr worldwide' but he makes it hard for us

@pisscotheque phoning up my good friend pitbull to ask what the fuck he's playing at

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