turn down the eagles. i don't want the neighbours to know that i listen to the eagles

@JohnBrownJr im mortified tbh. thinking of starting a loud argument with a family member to cover up the sound

@wintgenstein @JohnBrownJr this had better be an death metal band that only plays eagles covers or i will be upset

@pisscotheque @JohnBrownJr no I forget what genre they Are but a terrorist attack happened at one of their European shows and then they said chud crap

@pisscotheque the Dude's statement on the Eagles,

i really felt that, except for maybe "one of these nights", which still slaps

@patience luckily it sounds exactly the same as most of their other songs if i remember correctly

@pisscotheque go back for a re-listen, cos it definitely doesn't

someone whose parents over-listened to the eagles when she was growing up

@pisscotheque esp greatest hits volume 1 1971-1975

istg if i have to hear "take it easy" one more time in this lifetime,

@patience i am going to be perfectly honest, that was the example i was thinking of when i suggested that all eagles songs sound the same as one of these nights

@patience can't believe i am still permitted to participate in the mastodon yacht rock community despite voicing exclusively bad music takes

@pisscotheque look, you invited me to it, that was probably your worst music take

@patience i will never apologise for unleashing patience upon the steely dan discord

@pisscotheque also:

"turn that eagles music down, at least til we're out of town,"

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