this is a placeholder post for all the scritti politti lyricposting that i am making a big effort not to do

are we just allowed to ignore that one reggae song that scritti politti did, as we ignore every 80s synthpop outfit's one reggae song

AND I WANT YOUR LOVE, BABY Lsorry sorry im trying to delete it

@micrackbiron i may come round to your way of thinking someday but for now i simply cannot

@pisscotheque Oh, I thought you were saying you liked it 😂. 80s music is nostalgic for me

@micrackbiron i like the rest!! it's just the obligatory whiteboy reggae track i am politely leaving to one side for the time being

@pisscotheque I guess Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Ma'ker" would also be a white boy reggae track (but I love Zeppelin)

@micrackbiron oh don't get me started on literally all of The Police, who i misguidedly continue to stan

@pisscotheque as a blood descendant of part of Scritti Politti im legally allowed to punish lyricposting with a stern talking to. You have been warned Amy.

@katherine katherine im sorry im sorry please don't revoke my politti privileges

@pisscotheque you’re off the hook this time but I’m watching you

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