im wrecked on cold medicine and ready to go off on one about In The Night Garden


fuck iggle piggle and his manicured lawn. fuck the teletubbies and their landscaped hobbit holes. capability brown called, he wants his fascist vision of a neutered arcadia back

@pisscotheque Iggle Piggle is a prick but Macca Pacca is my homie

@pisscotheque one extremely funny thing about capability brown is he didn't get the nickname because he was capable, he simply said the word "capability" sometimes

@em @pisscotheque Sort of like Winnie the Pooh? Got his nose stung by a bee, and said capability a couple of times, and presto, new nickname for the ages.

@em lmaaooo i want my legacy to be that i overused a certain word to the extent that it annoyed people enough to give me a nickname about it

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