this came up in the search for pronoun pins on etsy. i bought it but i did not buy any pronoun pins

this is cynical targeted marketing towards non-binary people, who are notorious for their love of pogs

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if anyone sees any nice pronoun pins/pride flag pins that ship from within the uk i would be much obliged if you would let me know

@pisscotheque although I now realise you said pin not badge so this might not work?

@xmakina ooh i should have specified i was looking for enamel ones

@pisscotheque if you're really struggling to find something, it might be worth contacting Julian? He's a cool trans guy who sat next to Felix at Open Sandwiches, and he can make enamel pins, he might be able to look into pronoun pins for you?

@xmakina ooh his store is cool. i probably won't get as far as "initiating a conversation with a stranger" but i will keep an eye and see if he starts selling them!

@wintgenstein haha i think i actually saw these and was like ooohh pretty!! it's always gonna be more for postage than for the pin itself when shipping here from abroad tho 😭 so i'm tryna limit my search to the uk

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