@pisscotheque can you tell I really want and can't afford a new tattoo?

@pisscotheque could always just get another skull, I did really want one before I got this. I've got some tentacles but that tattoo is real murky so more of those would be cool too. Kind of want a low polygon line drawing but I've been told no requesting that before so not sure if it's a bit specialty

@maggotboy mannnn tattoos are complicated and there are too many rules. i have none and want loads but i am too confused about how to get one

@pisscotheque I'd always gone in with artwork for reference before my Bart one. Getting them to design something from scratch is a bit scary if you're prone to getting socially anxious like me but well worth it because if I had to choose that might be my favourite. Do it


@maggotboy i will definitely be motivated by social anxiety in all of my tattoo-getting choices. i don't know if they want me to bring someone else's design in for them to work off or if it's better to ask them to design something cos they have their own style. i live in terror of offending the magic needle people

@pisscotheque if you're after a particular style you can try seeking out someone that works with that style a lot. Alternatively just comfort yourself by thinking about all the people that come in wanting portraits done by artists who definitely can't do portraits, you can't be as bad as them.
Also: Do it.

@maggotboy hmmmm... when you put it like that... maybe i should just... Do it.

@pisscotheque Do it. Do it. If I am in any way partially responsible for you getting ink I am going to be eternally chuffed

@maggotboy ahahaa i will be sure to blame you accordingly if this happens

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