there's a huge fuckoff wooden horse outside my instance and it's wearing jean shorts. it's probably fine to bring it inside right

so it turns out the big horse was full of smaller, normal horses, also wearing jorts, and they came out of the big horse in the middle of the night and they battered me into oblivion with their hooves, turning me into meat. why didn't anyone warn me about this

@pisscotheque it's probably fine. don't hold me to that.

@pig oh, and it's friendly! could this day GET any better

@pisscotheque we didn't warn you because we assumed it was what you wanted

@radicalrobit that’s a peculiar assumption in my opinion, but in the end you did what you felt was right, and i can’t argue with that

@pisscotheque I never believed anyone wouldn't want to be battered into oblivion by a bunch of tiny normal jort horses. I apologize as it just wasn't a thing I could conceive of.

@pisscotheque me cheerily turning up in full riding gear with a bag of oats under my arm: GIDDY UP GODFORSAKEN WEBSITE LETS- oh right

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