ever notice how the literary canon has produced fewer fantastical tales of adventure on the ocean floor since we actually got a good look down there and realised it’s a miserable hell hole filled with disgusting slime? boats should have remained where they belonged, in the dreams of man


finding nemo is government propaganda created to persuade america’s children that the ocean is a clean, godly place and not a filthy pandemonium filled with snails, perverts and unaccompanied digestive organs

Broke: magical tales of whimsy set on the seafloor
Woke: deeply traumatizing tales of lovecraftian body horror set on the seafloor

@pisscotheque I cannot get over the phrase"unaccompanied digestive organs"

@toilet well they're down there! just plunge your head in and yell


Unaccompanied Digestive Organs completely blew away the headliners when I saw them open for Throbbing Gristle in '88.

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