@pisscotheque I've been whispering "oh god... stop... oh no... oh god" at the screen for about a full minute now. is this what you wanted

@WAHa_06x36 i THINK you'll FIND that all the correct paperwork has been filed with the relevant governing bodies

@pisscotheque every time someone I follow boosts this I see it again and it's such a curse

@Shonalika i genuinely didn't realise i was going to be ruining so many people's day when i did this

@pisscotheque @pig oh great. You broke pig again. Now we're gonna have to reset him.

@pisscotheque @ItsJenNotGabby arson squad meeting up to unfold a comically-large paper clip and jam it in my ear

@pisscotheque every time my brain is idle for the last 2 days this post floats in through the window and refuses to leave

@lennie can a post contain a curse? based on feedback i think this one might

@pisscotheque im making a tinder account so i can put this down as my bio and literally nothing else

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