me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

Like the immortal lyrics "dirty deeds and they're done with sheep", and "pretty fly for a rabbi", I shall never hear that the same again

@pisscotheque i literally laid back on my training table and laughed so hard I cried at this. This is now my favorite post of all tine.

@ItsJenNotGabby ahaha i'm glad i'm not the only one with this damn nonsense stuck in my head now!!

I just sang this out loud. Now me and a friend of mine can't get rid of the tune.

@pisscotheque I listen to YouTube videos while I work so my annoying coworkers who live in my house and sit in my chair and are me don't start talking.

@pisscotheque this and "I'm sorry Miss Jackson, I am four eels" makes me wish there was a whole series of popular songs about fish

@interneteh the only limit is our imaginations, and also the number of songs/fish that exist!!!

@interneteh fr tho i still think about the four eels thing at least once a day

@pisscotheque My wife and I argued over if salmon is pronounced as usual or like sah mohn. Please help!

@pisscotheque super important update, she didn’t realize it was a song until I recited it just now to demonstrate I had been correct and I don’t even

@pisscotheque I'm pretty sure you stole this from a hypothetical future me before I could write it myself. Or I'm just disappointed my brain never saw this, but who knows?

@pisscotheque this remains one of the best posts of all time, honestly

@pisscotheque this toot came up in a Twitch stream with a friend of mine and I was possessed by the need to sing it:

@pisscotheque I saw a show about salmon farming the other idea and this popped into my head **immediately**

@pig this would make a good theme song for a documentary about fish

@pisscotheque I have a friend who's online handle is often abbreviated down to "Trout". Since you tooted this last year I've started using it to summon him in chat.

@pisscotheque just had this run through my head unprompted, i'm so glad you had this pinned

@pisscotheque trout are
freshwater fish
and have
underwater weapons

@pisscotheque you have ruined all celldweller vocals for me and i want you to know that
@pisscotheque cuz this makes more sense in the celldweller version
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