STOP TRYING TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF DEBATE ONLINE. no right-thinking person goes onto online to find strangers to "debate" with. real people, ordinary, decent people, have only come online to view gifs of skeletons fucking

if i've told you once, i've told you a thousand times. debate is something that normal, honest people encounter only as an unwelcome side effect of their attempts to share and enjoy looping images of two or more skeletons mercilessly railing each other

@pisscotheque debate class was basically an excuse to look at skeletons fucking on my phone

@realtoddhoward that's the only reason anyone takes that class. if someone started arguing with me about animal rights or some bullshit while i was sitting peacefully in a debate class trying to look at my skeletons, i would become enraged

@pisscotheque tbh Kialo is dumb af but it is advertised as the key to political progress.

@galo oh my god HOW is kialo still a thing. the type of people who would actively seek out a platform like that are guaranteed the world's worst people and i thought they would all have killed each other by now

@pisscotheque pretty much this. It gave off too much middle-school intellectual vibes loo

@forivall i agree. both because i agree and because disagreeing should be illegal

@pisscotheque Thank you for re-affirming my lifelong indecency :)

@pisscotheque you're not wrong. all research shows that debating on the internet is pretty much useless because we have no body language no cues to go off of

@pisscotheque I can't believe you shared this and didn't attach a gif of skeletons fucking.

@pisscotheque I disagree with this, fellow stranger.

Let me explain to you why. 1/492

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Functional online debate looks closest to a website similar to LessWrong, and that is/was up there for the "Lamest Forum" award in its time of operation.

@pisscotheque wow, I remember this toot! this was when I first joined masto

@pisscotheque why didn't the skeleton cross the road? [scroll down]
he didn't have the guts

@pisscotheque The twist at the end is laugh out loud funny. Thank you.

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