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young people today ought to spend less time listening to michael bublé and more time reading their michael biblé

We have this Cattris thing, which is like Tetris pieces made of cardboard for cat scratching. Cosmo has transformed himself into a tetromino #cats #tetris


fact: stroking a loaf'd cat with both hands is just as satisfying as stroking a pristine loaf of freshly baked bread in the same fashion. sliced fans dni.

dance tunes from the 1600s were called things like 'my mother's stanke maggot' and 'mr. packington's package'

off the ri-iver teeeeeeees, there's a place called middlesbro'

Omg you guys I nearly forgot

Today is Wotan's birthday! He is 5 years old! :wotan: :Wotan_shocked: 🎂🎂🎂🎉

Give him boosts!

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