selfie, eye contact, havnt posted one in a very long time, helo

these are the standing stones and circle of mynydd llwyd, or grey hill. I came here yesterday for no other reason than I simply had to.
this hill is a deeply special place. it appears on fire at all times, glowing darkly. its massive and looming and it orders everything around it. you cant look away.
I feel weird posting this, as I've never dared record or try and explain what happens to me around here. the only way i can explain it is genuine time travel. everything becomes liquid

drifting about & noticed this cosy suburban modernism. I am seeing curved windows everywhere rn for some reason

general post office buildings are always delightful and surprising. here's penarth's deco modernist one, rounding a corner all sweetly like

deus pascit corvos- god feeds the ravens. I'd never noticed this grave until the other day and I visit this churchyard all the time

I wanted to spend all day at elevation but the rain came down all mean like. my missed opportunity was the prehistoric village in the distance helpfully pointed to by a big lovely rainbow

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I went to find THIS. it's a standing stone on soaked uplands high above the valley below. its inscribed with ogham, an archaic writing system from the early medieval period. takes an eye better than mine to see it properly but you can feel the deep lines carved into it

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this is the outrageously good broadcasting house in Llandaff. it's the old BBC Wales hq before they shipped out to a huge new site opposite Cardiff central.
this is from 1966, full of white heat and optimism. it's squarely modernist with white marble aggregate walls and sheer blue glass everywhere. full of platforms and projections. it's getting knocked down because nobody lists this stuff.

yesterday I made my way to find a little development of six concrete houses of 1968 near dinas powys. gorgeous textured concrete with some nicely creative landscaping. it's weird that this stuff is an outlier and never caught on with the middle classes.
concrete sucks, it really does. It's so damaging to make *but* you can't deny it's gorgeous and it does promote more ecologically sound gardening

selfie, eye contact, yr fella just found out how 2 trigger the phones voice control

like pantiled carports, fucking mcmansion columns and pediments everywhere, gateposts galore. I genuinely laughed out loud at some the dogshit present.
this is a water tower of 1898- which as a public utility is * cool as fuck * it's honestly so gay and rad, but as a 2mil private home??? it fucking sucks lmao

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I could not date this thing *at all * but it has 'd. herbert builders' carved in relief above the doorway. Google says they formed in 1959 and that could be about right?

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the methodist church across the road is another 60's thing, this time extremely miesian with that black steel and glass

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I came to see this house of 1966 yesterday. it's a bit of mid century modern plonked in an affluent suburb in cardiff. its debt to frank lloyd wright is so obvious. I would kill to see what the interior looks like

very very taken with this range of victorian workshops, living a second long life as an auto shop. this is partridge lane one of my favs in Cardiff

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