spiderhead/ex machina, charismatic billionaires 

it's kind of funny to me that in both these films the detached and immoral billionaire entrepreneurs are played by handsome charismatic actors like Isaac and Hemsworth

it also kinda undercuts the satirical potshots of the films - it gives me the impression the film is not interested in critiquing the pursuit or existence of the billionaires, just that they've taken it too far

spiderhead spoilers 

really falls apart in the final third

the police are on their way right now to arrest the billionaire for doing evil shit! :blobthink:


spiderhead spoilers 

@kiki evil shit to prisoners

spiderhead spoilers 

@radicalrobit yeah, exactly! so many levels of would not care

also they're fucking cowards for having it that the two main characters are overdue for release, a just completely unnecessary detail just so 'it's okay' they're escaping

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