sinn féin 

it's looking likely that SF will be the biggest party in stormont after tomorrow - cue folks talking about a united ireland

of course SF are still a political party, and not just that - their policies and movements in NI have been those of neoliberal opportunists

a united ireland might be a possibility, but the reality is that politicians on either side of the border are unlikely to have the imagination or integrity to do it without some massive unnecessary fucking drawn out saga

sinn féin, reversing partition 

so just hold off on the celebrating please, this is a long way from even starting, never mind being a done thing

reversing partition 

like the reality which doesn't get discussed enough is: unionists have valid reasons to fear living in the ireland that irish nationalists dream of

whatever a united ireland might look like, if it's going to work it's got to be something completely new, not just annexation of the north into ROI

the republic is a fucking neocolonial sham, if there's one hope that the prospect of ending partition offers, it's that we might finally face up to that

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