suez thing, economics 

economists: using advanced algorithms and models, we can predict...

ship: gets stuck in canal

global trade: fucked

suez thing, economics, covid 

love to be living in a society reliant on complex systems with the robustness of a wet tissue

if your models can be so easily undermined by predictable factors like global pandemics and, uh, basic human error, maybe they're not worth a shit?

suez thing, economics 

@kiki can we now have a europe wide lockdwon when the suez canal is blocked anyway? lol

suez thing, economics 

@distel might as well!

it would be great if all of this could lead to a focus on local sustainable production and community support but our european governments just love an excuse for more austerity

suez thing, economics 

@distel so the question is... how to get rid of the governments :blobthinkingcool:

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