the first people are arriving in the new direct provision centre in letterkenny today

there's 60 families due to be housed there over the coming months, earning around €100 per person per day for bridgestock care, the private company running the centre

we've been getting ready for this over the past couple of months, now starts the real work of supporting and empowering the residents and, hopefully, helping to bring about an end to this abuse

@kiki I learned about direct provision when a (really good) band called Lankum did a tiny desk concert, and their guitarist had spelled out “end direct provision” in rhinestones on his instrument. It’s shit and it needs to be stopped.

@Ethancdavenport yeah it's pretty brutal, the tide is definitely turning but the latest government white paper talks about only sort-of phasing it out by the end of 2024 (and with typically mealy-mouthed language which suggests they're not at all committed to hitting that target, or undertaking the various reviews of standards they say they'll put in place in the meantime)

also big love for Lankum (they are really good alright) 💜

@kiki typical. I think y’all might need a little bit of 1916 energy.

Theyre so good. I just bought a house so I’m not buying non essentials but I REALLY want to clear out their webshop.

ireland pol 

@Ethancdavenport the fact that activists have recently achieved success with the 8th amendment repeal, combined with the recent publication of the mother and baby homes report could help inspire some of that energy

obviously the government are hoping their lip service to reform will pacify the masses, so it's up to us to snap them the fuck out of that fantasy

it looks like they're soon going to have to try to pacify a load of far-right agitators too, so it could get pretty ugly


Oh wow I dont know any of the specifics here but reading "direct provision is the system where private companies handle the accomodations of asylum seekers" sends up a dizzying amount of red flags.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe yeah it was set up 22 years ago as a "temporary" solution for handling asylum seekers, it's explicitly designed to deter them from coming to ireland

successive governments since then have avoided pressure to reform because it's making their friends very very rich

a lot of the accommodation is in old hotels and holiday parks which would be in disuse otherwise, so they're making massive margins off it

it's inhumane and exploitative on every possible level

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