are there any fedi musicians/producers who would be interested in doing an exchange remix project?

i haven't thought it out in detail but the starting point is the concept of remixing one (or possibly more) of each other's tracks

(boosts welcome)

@citrustwee great stuff! as quite a few folks have expressed interest we're talking about maybe doing a group exchange project if you're interested in getting involved in that? if you'd prefer a straight one-to-one exchange that's also good!

@citrustwee great stuff, we're going to get a chatroom going to figure out process and format for the whole thing - will send you over the details shortly!

@kiki yeah maybe. IDK what I have that's really remix-worthy tho 😳

@Manurweibling i've listened to some of your stuff on soundcloud before and i'd definitely be up for having a go at it 😊 tbh i see remix as being a pretty open-ended term so pretty much anything can be adapted and interpreted

i'll have to go back and re-acquaint myself but if there's any tracks in particular you'd suggest let me know!

@kiki well, here's the shortlist

Dustbeam Dance (more song-structured/"produced")

Lydian Rondel (more of a grimey barebones synth loop)

untitled 'WIP' (bleep bloopy, chippy, somewhat breathlessly-tight little tune sketch)

I can dig up stems for at least some of these

@Manurweibling that's great, thank you so much! i'm gonna be doing loads of listening this evening once i can knock off work 😊 i just need to organise myself now and get this rolling

@kiki I make music but I'm pretty inexperienced 🤔 bandcamp link on my profile though

@spacekookie no worries, no minimum requirements - we're all learning anyway 😊 i'll have a listen to your tracks, do let me know if there's any particular ones you'd suggest! my bandcamp link is on my profile also

@kiki Probably the "best" (🙈) ones are on "colours" and the "little galaxies" single. I'll check out your music in a bit. I've never remixed a song, but it would be an interesting experience probably :3

@spacekookie great stuff, will start there!

i've only done it a few times and i've found it to be a lot of fun - it's a different challenge to what i'd been used to making my own music, kinda coming at it from a different angle

@kiki Do you just take the original song as an input or do you also want my DAW files?
I'm not sure I'd know where to start in remixing someone else's song 🙈

@spacekookie i haven't thought that far ahead lol - probably easier to work with the individual tracks/stems so parts can be manipulated separately, but alternatively using a .WAV file of the whole song should be grand too, just a different process

a good reference point for different styles of remixes is Disco 2 by HEALTH - some of them are very faithful to the original tracks, some go off and do their own thing altogether (same also with their first Disco album tbh)

@spacekookie also Feast/Beast by Clark, which shows how one artist reinterprets a load of others

(sorry for the unsolicited recommendations, these are just two albums that really got me into the idea of remixing)

@kiki Very happy for recommendations, thanks :3 I'll check them out :)

@kiki If you need stems for anything, lmk I can have a look. My files are horribly organised though xD

@spacekookie ha yeah i'm pretty disorganised in my file arrangements too tbh

i'm gonna try sort myself today and figure out how to get this project rolling, will be back with a plan later...

i'm not a musician (tho @raekh is) but i've seen one really cool music friend concept before called in the dark, where the musicians involved send each other loops of various length/content and then they mix the loops they received into a track

@aradinfinity @raekh that sounds like a really interesting idea alright - is that available on bandcamp? might be a way of incorporating something like that in too...

@kiki @raekh
yeah i got the idea from joseph andreoli, one of the members of giraffes? giraffes!

here's the bandcamp link to one of the in the dark albums they did, with a more in depth explanation beneath the music

@aradinfinity @raekh i'm not familiar with giraffes? giraffes! (i do like the name though) will check them out - thanks for the bandcamp link, looking forward to hearing this!

@aradinfinity @kiki omg yeah ive been wanting to something like that for a while tbh i feel like it could be interesting

@raekh @aradinfinity great stuff! as there's a few people who've expressed interest we're looking at doing a group exchange project if that works for you? if you'd prefer to do a one-to-one exchange that's fine too

@y6nH great stuff! i'll have a listen through your music today - are there any particular pieces you'd say would be a good place to start?

@flippthebunny awesome, i'll have a listen to your tracks today! is there anywhere you would advise as a starting point?

@stragu great stuff! i'll give your stuff on soundcloud a listen this evening - let me know if there's a good place to start with it!

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