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periodic reminder that there are people who are allowed to get away racist, colorist, anti-black bullshit because they're insulated from consequences by a group of people who refuse to address their own low-level shitty behaviour while claiming to be anti-racist

who deal with any effort to draw attention to this with handwaving, equivocation, deflection and bullying

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fedi/personal meta 1/3 

since the turn of the year i was getting progressively turned off by the fediverse

this was in part due to my own worsening mh but also after seeing the same cycles repeated over and over

so many times PV called out bad actors and got slammed, or worse, got dragged into conversations they weren’t even a part of just to get slammed for calling people out

i didn’t know what to do, so i did nothing

and i knew that made me part of the problem, so i slipped into solipsism

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intro post 

hello! i'm Ciarán/kiki, nonbinary boy living in the northwest of ireland with my wife Mairéad

i've been floating around the fediverse since august 2018, trying to unlearn all my decades of white-cishet-man training

i love music, film, photography - i also love talking about philosophy/social theory but it's a while since i've been deep into reading it

happy to chat and make friends with folk on their own journey to understanding

looking forward to a godforsaken life :blobcheer:

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intro - communication notes 

will block for racist, anti-black, colorist, ableist, transmisic, homomisic, or any prejudiced talk – zero tolerance if you’re called out and refuse to acknowledge/change

i’m an anxious person so unless we interact regularly i’ve probably reworded any message/reply to you at least 5 times

i am not flirty/forward, so if any response potentially reads that way, you can assume it’s not intended that way – also i get really uncomfortable if i feel i’m being flirted with

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intro - projects 

i make music under the name drembot:

new album is €5 but hmu for a free download code as i still have loads, other bits are free/pay what you like

also on spotify:

i sometimes do music/sound design for my friend John's story podcast:

i also work on my wife's wedding photo/video business - love to celebrate the love so get in touch if you're getting married:

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howdy folks, i hope all are well! 💜

after 36 years of never having gone to the giant's causeway, i finally made my first visit yesterday and it was pretty great

my phone died unfortunately so these are pretty much the only decent pictures i got

one of the nice things about living in donegal has been getting to know the north coast of ireland for the first time and folks it is so fucking beautiful

(cw selfie, sunglasses/no eye contact)

Happy Africa Day!

for us non-african folk it's a good time to think about our cultural relationship and understanding (or lack thereof) with Africa, its people, its history, and its cultures

also a good time to think about what we can do for anti-racism work

for irish folks - please consider volunteering for, donating to, or otherwise supporting AkiDwA - a national network highlighting the issues faced by migrant women in Ireland

How the Irish Became White (Ignatiev, 1995) 

The need to gain the loyalty of the Irish explains why the Democratic Party, on the whole, rejected nativism. It also explains why not merely slavery but the color line became so important to it.

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How the Irish Became White (Ignatiev, 1995) 

In the combination of Southern planters and the “plain Republicans” of the North, the Irish were to become a key element. The truth is not, as some historians would have it, that slavery made it possible to extend to the Irish the privileges of citizenship, by providing another group for them to stand on, but the reverse, that the assimilation of the Irish into the white race made it possible to maintain slavery.

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How the Irish Became White (Ignatiev, 1995) 

infamous of all aristocracies. White supremacy was not a flaw in American democracy but part of its definition, and the development of democracy in the Jacksonian period cannot be understood without reference to white supremacy. As it became the pillar of the Democratic Party, Jeffersonian reservations over slavery and willingness to entertain notions of natural human equality (expressed in his Notes on Virginia) gave way to militant racial ideology.

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How the Irish Became White (Ignatiev, 1995) 

The Democratic Party Van Buren built was the first political party based on popular constituencies instead of parliamentary caucuses. It represented, as he wrote, a “political combination … between the planters of the South and the plain Republicans of the North.” At first sight its constituent elements would appear to have had little in common. They were held together by white supremacy, which yoked the Party’s popular Northern base to the most (...)

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Happy May Day and solidarity from your local DC wobblies and anti-capitalists! :iww2: :plantifa: :ancomheart:

Designed myself, my pals! A little soviet imagery didn't hurt anyone! 🤗

#mayday #iww

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Ah heck it’s #MayDay. Snuck up on me.

Strength, solidarity, and righteous fury be with all us workers of the world, my comrades, this day.

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Here's a bunch of links on the terrible covid situation in India with -- importantly! -- what people in the USA, UK, EU and elsewhere can do to help not just India but many places in the world that are suffering for an unjust lack of vaccines.

northern ireland 

remember that what is happening is a new story in many ways but is also a continuation of the same old story that has been going on since the beginning of partition

it's beyond disingenuous for any former NI secretary to claim superiority in their legacy over what Johnson's administration is doing now

unionist and nationalist communities in NI have been treated differently by british govs, but both have ultimately been similarly marginalised, and left to fight with each other

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northern ireland 

"political momentum" like the kind that saw military intervention as a means of addressing human rights protests?

and then waited through over 30 years of violence to come to the negotiation table?

and then allowed NI to stagnate for over 20 years following the GFA?

and then allowed the assembly to collapse in 2016 and remain inactive for nearly 3 years?

that kind of political momentum?

starting off the weekend by getting in the sea

it was freezing, i only lasted about a minute, but still...

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Too many people still don't understand that you don't need to be a racist person or acting with malice to perpetuate racism and cause harm.
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Chauvin's conviction proves that #BlackLivesMatter and other mass direct action works. And is the ONLY thing that will change policing, or anything else, in a catastrophically broken, racist plutocracy like the US. #BLM

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Support me! New Announcement: 

I worked really hard for this, and it's not quite perfect, but as close to perfect I could get today.

You can now send me money on PayPal via this address:

Or if you want the link

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