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periodic reminder that there are people who are allowed to get away racist, colorist, anti-black bullshit because they're insulated from consequences by a group of people who refuse to address their own low-level shitty behaviour while claiming to be anti-racist

who deal with any effort to draw attention to this with handwaving, equivocation, deflection and bullying

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fedi/personal meta 1/3 

since the turn of the year i was getting progressively turned off by the fediverse

this was in part due to my own worsening mh but also after seeing the same cycles repeated over and over

so many times PV called out bad actors and got slammed, or worse, got dragged into conversations they weren’t even a part of just to get slammed for calling people out

i didn’t know what to do, so i did nothing

and i knew that made me part of the problem, so i slipped into solipsism

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intro post 

hello! i'm Ciarán/kiki, nonbinary boy living in the northwest of ireland with my wife Mairéad

i've been floating around the fediverse since august 2018, trying to unlearn all my decades of white-cishet-man training

i love music, film, photography - i also love talking about philosophy/social theory but it's a while since i've been deep into reading it

happy to chat and make friends with folk on their own journey to understanding

looking forward to a godforsaken life :blobcheer:

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intro - communication notes 

will block for racist, anti-black, colorist, ableist, transmisic, homomisic, or any prejudiced talk – zero tolerance if you’re called out and refuse to acknowledge/change

i’m an anxious person so unless we interact regularly i’ve probably reworded any message/reply to you at least 5 times

i am not flirty/forward, so if any response potentially reads that way, you can assume it’s not intended that way – also i get really uncomfortable if i feel i’m being flirted with

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intro - projects 

i make music under the name drembot:

new album is €5 but hmu for a free download code as i still have loads, other bits are free/pay what you like

also on spotify:

i sometimes do music/sound design for my friend John's story podcast:

i also work on my wife's wedding photo/video business - love to celebrate the love so get in touch if you're getting married:

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we're working on new stuff, but in the meantime it's bandcamp friday again!!

artists get 100% of bandcamp sales today, so if you've discovered any new artists recently or want to support your favs, please do so if you can x

p.s. we're on bandcamp 👀

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@noyovo they have some donation links too, I saw, so pasting em here for easy reference:


CashApp: $400and1

Venmo: @FourHundredandOne

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Non-Black fedi please consider this a direct appeal to show that you actually support Black liberation in a meaningful way. Our first post on here about #OrishaLand got 59 books (linked below). We were kinda surprised that it was that popular & took that as a sign of interest/support. Please do something to help shore up this project's defenses so that it can survive, grow, & thrive rather than just be remembered after it's gone. If you would like to support in more direct ways than those suggested above or in the post please check out 400and1's social media to find out what they need most at this time.

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A group of Black revolutionaries have started an autonomous zone named #OrishaLand in #Austin, #Texas. They've already done a lot to fight #gentrification by organizing material support & political education for the local Black community. It's a real glimmer of hope for what has otherwise been a shitty #BlackHistoryMonth.

For more about their recent efforts:

On social media:
Instagram: @400and1
Twitter: @_400and1
Facebook: /400and1

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Today's #bandcampfriday puchases:

- Solitude by Cloudkicker
- Walk Beyond the Dark by Abigail Williams
- Under the Fragmented Sky by Lunatic Soul
- Polaris by TesseracT

(check out my collection:

#bandcamp #metal

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Acoustic styg EP for #bandcampfriday? Bonus aha cover? Well this is unexpected on several levels but not unwelcome

Also some local-ish pop-punk

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Here's the debut solo release from Maybeshewill's drummer and friend Jim Collins that he's too shy to promo so I'll do it for him 'cos it's good:
Here's Farai's Rebirth, 'cos it's mesmerising to me every time:
Here's Her Name is Calla's Animal Choir 'cos I'm in the "thanks" section of their final album above their regular tour manager's name which is hilarious to me because I did nothing to earn it:

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Something for #BandcampFriday: Intriguant had an open call for remixes of his track "Your Love", and today released the #remix compilation on #Bandcamp... Stoked that my remix got picked to be included in this 🤯

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Here's We're The Ones by Fold, because I want everyone to listen to it:
Here's Nihiloxica by Nihiloxica because :oof: !!:
Here's Adult Lessons by drembot because @kiki made it and is well worth a listen:
Here's Without the Eyes by CLT DRP because it was my album of 2020 and will tear your actual face off:

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the first people are arriving in the new direct provision centre in letterkenny today

there's 60 families due to be housed there over the coming months, earning around €100 per person per day for bridgestock care, the private company running the centre

we've been getting ready for this over the past couple of months, now starts the real work of supporting and empowering the residents and, hopefully, helping to bring about an end to this abuse

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I got this 12" on a whim (it's physically beautiful with an etched D-side btw), it's the gift that keeps on giving. If you're after a cross of choir music and post-pop or whatever you'd call it have a spin! Here's the opening track x
🎵 K Á R Y Y N - EVER 🎵

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for some reason obsessed with the idea that medieval peasants had CD players but the only albums available were called stuff like Songs In Praise Of Oats

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i wonder how many times Black ppl on here are going to have to repeat that non black poc can and often are anti black before ppl will listen and believe us?

i also picked up this album this morning which i'm excited to listen to in full:

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bandcamp friday today folks!

my friend Sara recently released a new remix of her single "Grace Jones" so if you'd like to purchase you can find it here:

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the second video was shot a few days later in a few different places up in the north west of Donegal

for anyone familiar with irish broadcasting: there's more than a slight influence from the angelus

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