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fedi/personal meta 1/3 

since the turn of the year i was getting progressively turned off by the fediverse

this was in part due to my own worsening mh but also after seeing the same cycles repeated over and over

so many times PV called out bad actors and got slammed, or worse, got dragged into conversations they weren’t even a part of just to get slammed for calling people out

i didn’t know what to do, so i did nothing

and i knew that made me part of the problem, so i slipped into solipsism

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intro post 

hello! i'm Ciarán/kiki, nonbinary boy living in the northwest of ireland with my wife Mairéad

i've been floating around the fediverse since august 2018, trying to unlearn all my decades of white-cishet-man training

i love music, film, photography - i also love talking about philosophy/social theory but it's a while since i've been deep into reading it

happy to chat and make friends with folk on their own journey to understanding

looking forward to a godforsaken life :blobcheer:

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intro - communication notes 

will block for racist, anti-black, colorist, ableist, transmisic, homomisic, or any prejudiced talk – zero tolerance if you’re called out and refuse to acknowledge/change

i’m an anxious person so unless we interact regularly i’ve probably reworded any message/reply to you at least 5 times

i am not flirty/forward, so if any response potentially reads that way, you can assume it’s not intended that way – also i get really uncomfortable if i feel i’m being flirted with

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intro - projects 

i make music under the name drembot:

new album is €5 but hmu for a free download code as i still have loads, other bits are free/pay what you like

also on spotify:

i sometimes do music/sound design for my friend John's story podcast:

i also work on my wife's wedding photo/video business - love to celebrate the love so get in touch if you're getting married:

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@kiki I love part of a review for this group from long ago:
“one day [McAlmont] will open his mouth and a cathedral will fall out”

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If I'm not at the office nobody can pop over to spoil my day :owosneakythink:

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organising a landlord convention and throwing rotten vegetables at anyone who turns

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Employers: so competent that they advertise a job in ‘Glasgow city centre’ which turns out to be in a town several miles outside Glasgow

lyrics, caps 

so you wanna know me now
how i've been
you can't help someone recover
after all you did
so tell me: am i looking better?
have you forgot
whatever it was
that you couldn't stand
about me about me about me


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If anyone is wondering what I've been up to, I've spent the last 3 weeks staring at this extract from a 1982 interview of Michel Foucault and steadily losing my fucking mind

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Weight stigma in healthcare 

Interesting Twitter thread by a doctor acknowledging that too much medical "care" amounts to harmful fat shaming that discriminates against people most in need of understanding and help. (Warning. Below the original doctor's comments are the inevitable twitter responders piling in with fat shaming. Avoid reading below the line)

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to me this is just smart vertical integration, surely the irish government would applaud such opportunism

cw food, cannabis

full story, along with the text of the statement below available here -

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Oh its #mastomonday
Consider becoming a subscriber to my content services (no Patreon here)

I talk about art, philosophy, contemporary issues, op-ed's on the fediverse and you get BTS access to my art practice and thesis writing.

Also, subscribers get early access to films and photography before its published elsewhere online.

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three things!
1) you may now call me rowan as well as bryn if you so choose. it is my middle name and it is a good name
2) i can now be found at @rowan for gardening/plant/nature posts. maybe
3) :bryn:

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men only cry about manly things, like thinking about how much they love and cherish The Boys

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reading biographies of minor musicians around the 60s and 70s rules because it'll be like "this person dicked around in oklahoma for 35 years doing jack shit" and im like damn i wish that were me

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lmao at the etsy listings for "male size" masks

met some funky looking little caterpillar buddies hanging out in the nettles the other day, never seen these before

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Hey so a friend of a friend escaped a really nasty abusive living environment. They left new orleans and are now in the chicago area with the hope of moving to minneapolis with my friend. they're black and nonbinary and need new glasses and a new computer because their job is to make art. you can donate to them here
cashappp is here $NigelOnwularu
and paypal is here
please boost!!!

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millennials be staring at their communicators and drinking synth ale

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