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first full-length instrumental i've put together in... years

slow jam, playing with textures and grooves, might become something later, might not

just chucking it up on soundcloud for that feeling of having made something 😊

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hi there, i'm kiki - queer white irish person, musician, photographer, cat parent, rural dweller 💜


(and all their various attendant substrata)

i love radical thinking but don't subscribe to -isms

i love laughing but not when the joke is mean-spirited or careless

will block at the first sign of a red flag

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re-introduction /2 

my re-introduction post is above, i am just gonna put links for my music here

i like beats, noise, and melodies - i'm a beginner lyricist so the songs are a bit rough and ready, mostly about examining my identity as a (30+ years closeted) queer white irish returned emigrant

any listens (and feedback if you feel like it) are much appreciated!

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The transphobic 'groomers' talking point that is popular amongst hateful people right now reminds me very much of the 'Black men are coming to take your women and children' line ran by racists back in the 50s and 60s.

There is this idea in whiteness that people who are not white, cis, and straight have a fascination with influencing their population. This thought is just a projection because white people have brutally perfected these manipulation methods over centuries.

From what I can see, it's yet another example of white people being deathly afraid that we will enact the horrors that they've acted on us.

And a driving force in the culture of whiteness is the fear of consequences for their collective actions.

silly joke about poo 

6am after an all nighter with too much coffee and sugar

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Unilateral Declaration of Independence 2024 let's GO!

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if you post an artwork that's signed by the artist, include the signature in the image description.

if the artwork includes an artist URL, assuming it's still functional, include that in the post.

if the artwork is not signed by the artist but you know or can find out who made it, then credit them in the post or image description.

obviously, you can't always track down unsigned images and you can't always write image descriptions, but help people find the artist when you can.

- 🎒

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begpost (boost please), employer abuse, out of work 

after a months-long battle to better my situation, i've run out of cards to play - i'll be resigning on monday both from a principled and logistical standpoint, as i've been pigeon-holed into an even more untenable and financially unsustainable situation

on the plus side, i get to finally leave the abuse behind for good after years

on the negative, i'm obviously out of work as a result

any donations are appreciated!

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gofundme for abortion rights protestor who was stalked and attacked after a pro-abortion rally (please donate, boost, and share); Huntington Beach, CA 

TW -- link has photos of injury, blood

"Whoever these people are they’re coming for us... The stabber specifically named dropped me along with other comrades including but not limited to femmes and trans allies."

Abortion rights protesters in Los Angeles are being targeted with attempted murder.

(twitter thread with context: )

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wouldn't it be cool if every mention of global imperial colonialism wasn't colonised by Irish Scottish and Welsh people going "oh me too me too".

it's not the same thing mate, it's not the same thing, nowhere near the same thing. nationalist population manipulation and colonialism intersect, but they are vastly different, and not only but your folk's history regarding colonialism excludes you from most of that discussion. you *are* white colonists.

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If one is as passionate about a topic as they say they are, they'll do the work themselves to understand the basics instead of running around in circles trying to get you to 'educate' them.

I'm not going to read the article, but i assume it goes something like 'after the patrons had generously and patiently waited for him to finish his song, Martin began to play another at which point the bartender asked him to please stop'

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I left the United States. People here have yelled why isn’t everyone just leaving like I did. I repeatedly explain it’s the proximity to whiteness, privilege, skin, some level of financial “ok-ness” (part poverty but more importantly to this, part not poverty) intimate views with higher class people, the hard work of 20 black and brown people directly. Code switching and self mutilation, lookisms, all my belongings, all my friends, and all black people. You can’t “just leave”. Pain follows.

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Them: It says here on your CV that your skills include being able to tear along the perforations in the packaging of food products without spilling and—

Me: *Sobbing* I lied

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mcu fans don't open 

Respect your opinion but I'm sticking with the Blade trilogy.

mcu fans don't open 

ang lee's hulk movie is the best marvel movie

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@distel heterosexual relationships are ones that involve people of different genders

queer relationships can be ones that involve people of different genders. it is a strictly larger set of types of relationships, which include mixed-gender ones.

"heterosexual" does not have to indicate "one man + one woman", it literally just refers to "mixture of genders"

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My disabled ass is having trouble pulling together for the last few days of crowdfunding on GoToSocial, so if anyone want to help us get to £500 total donations, that would be amazing!

You can share about the project on your own, or if you have a particularly favorite post from the official account over on @gotosocial boost it!

Or you know, just go to the Open Collective and donate today!

#OpenCollective #CrowdFunding #ActivityPub #GTS #GoToSocial

white male power fantasies, thoughts on zero dark thirty 

i still class the movie as white male power fantasy even though it's directed by and starring women because

- the core message of the movie is support for us imperialism and violence
- so much respect for the troops
- interrogation methods are established and demonstrated by a man
- all decision makers are (not overtly misogynist) men
- gender of the fictional lone wolf girlboss cia operative played by chastain is pretty much irrelevant

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white male power fantasies, us propaganda, unintentional truth telling 

i watched zero dark thirty again just to see if it is as bad as i remember and yeah it's still terrible with no redeeming features, the best moment is a line which accidentally nails it

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