Eugen kicked off the Butlerian Jihad to get rid of all the bots

@Thomas thank goodness position player bot is on allpro

can I move my bot there, it’s a bit low on sports posts tho

@kevinwhipwrecked hmmmmmmmmmmmm I hate to say it but no. I want position player bot to be the only one unless we come up with a sports guy

@Thomas it’s down for database corruption issues

i corrupted the database I guess

@Thomas iverson ‘practice’ bot or rasheed ‘both teams played hard’ bot of mora ‘playoffs’ bot

@kevinwhipwrecked when an NFL team is below .500 at the midpoint of the season, the name of the team and "playoffs???"

@kevinwhipwrecked it would have to be every team listed in one post or it would be awful

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