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i think coach mcgurk might be the best-written dirtbag character ever

i may have mentioned this before, but i used to work for a B2B delivery service in NYC, and Conde Nast was our largest client

one day our online delivery system went down, and i was sent there to pick up garment bags from Vogue. i accidentally stumbled past Anna Wintour's office, and i've never felt more fear in my life. thank god we did not make eye contact

Tremors is the prequel to Dune and how Arrakis is actually Earth (long forgotten) after tens of thousands of years of climate change.

@wandrew lmao

"Shortly afterwards a man was seen throwing eggs from behind a temporary fence and, when one connected, a cry of “oi” could be heard."


I'm watching hockey right now, but I'm rooting for everyone to sing their Euro hearts out (except Finland. Fuck them)

Eurovision is when you ignore the oppression of Palestine while crying your dick off over Ukraine

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the winner of eurovision gets a color revolution and mass arrests

julius caesar wouldn't have been killed if not for cancel culture

thanks to some work by me and other folks you can now play super hexagon with a vulkan renderer:


i put a $10k bet on Czechoslovakia to finish in the top 3. it's a longshot, but i like my odds

By night I'm a renowned MMA fighter, but when day breaks I become the infamous accountant known only as the "Balancer"

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