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Hillary taught me it was okay to be weird, and barf on 9/11

Happy Birthday!!

i always forget that i have the same birthday as hillary clinton. happy birthday queen!

Ice is forever calling out, joining in the forest, but still surprisingly cute face

Jim Caviezel is what happens when Gen Xers use AOL for Vigilant Citizen and not porn

george orwell is to left wingers as ayn rand is to right wingers, in that if you are still impressed by anything about them after the age of 15 there is no reason whatsoever to take you or your political philosophy seriously

as your local (timeline) 🏏 head i regret to inform you that i can’t get it up for the T20 World Cup

give me a holler when The Ashes starts, i’ll be over here watching the County Championship replays on YouTube

a world of grief and pain
in lockdown
dancing in embers

lubricating my front door to encourage my guests to leave

The best part of listening to Lovecraftian pod dramas and dressing like a fucking scumbag

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