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So anyways, I found this picture on reddit that's taken like three blocks from where I live

KSBD is a misprint

it is supposed to be 'KBSD' for 'KDE desktop on Berkeley Software Distribution'

when you're my age, you have to wear cargo shorts and argue with little league baseball umpires, whether you have kids or not. i don't make the rules

if Djokovic wins the US Open, does he get a hug from Cuomo? with the trophy? maybe?

I mustache you a question... but I'll shave it for later. [I hold up my finger to my upper lip and you see that I have a small tattoo of a handlebar mustache. I also pull open my Invader Zim hoodie to reveal an image of Ron Swanson drinking whiskey and eating bacon.]

nerd tip:

when it's 3am and your desk is hollow, roll dice on your moused pad

Not many people know this but KDE is pronounced "Katie"

win ben steins money 2: win ben stillers money

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