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🎵 Down at Fraggle Coc...

*i get overwhelmed by Doozers smashing me with power tools*

I consider myself mastodon's preeminent milf

from this point forward, anyone using the phrase 'fake news' sincerely is a fucking asshole shithead dum dum and should be shunned

it's 20 fucking 21

they should let me be the resident evil milf

Eugen announced that as a birthday present to himself he's going to send out a mass BOFA to all fedi users

pour one out for the poor souls who are sending follow requests to 'big poppa smurf'

gonna call myself the Q Pope and start fleecing everybody's dumbfuck aunt and uncle

the assassination of elon musk by the coward dave chappelle

entrance, storybook land golf, clairmont mesa boulevard, san diego, california, 1985

(me, a flaming wheel with dozens of wings and hundreds of eyes, chasing after you) hey come back be not afraid aw c'mon I said be not afraid!

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