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New D&D monsters

Vampee'r and Poopelganger

SRD ™️ and OGL ™️

take me down
to the horrowfide city
where the shitposts rule
and the dog is pretty.

in aldi fantasising about all the things I could do if I owned a table vice


Gather 'round adventures, as I weave tales about the Savage Frontier

Otherwise known as my bikini area

After driving in the UK for about a week I’ve been totally redpilled on roundabouts. Why do four way intersections even exist? Absolute bullshit.

thinking about whether this would make a good "reaction image"

I learned how to sign “American bullshit” last night (or at least a version of it) and boy, is it going to get use.

clay pins baked and almost ready! all i need to do is put a keychain on them. you can get them glazed instead of matte for the same price. i suggest them glazed as its a protective glaze but its all up to you! $20/each with free US shipping. contact me if international.

✨ dm me for pre-orders or custom villagers! or animal crossing leaf earrings ✨

The social study warriors at Disney are trying to sanitize George's vision of what Star Wars is and if we don't vote yes on prop 235 to defund all music classes in the Tri county area who knows what they will try to censor next

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