Hello, a friend's wheelchair has broken and they're currently raising money for a repair/replacement, any donations would be greatly appreciated

@katherine i noted the kofi post says they're not sure if they can repair this part, so feel free to pass along this:

the casters (front smaller wheels) on most wheelchairs are a pretty standard replaceable part. it looks like the axle is intact and the caster's plastic is busted, so it should be a pretty easy replacement to unscrew the axle and swap in new. the diameter of the wheel is the key thing - 4-5 inch diameter is pretty common but you can usually buy them in a pair, so if you want to change diameters this would be a perfect time to do so (if they want an explanation of why changing diameters could be good lmk, i'm happy to infodump more)

there's a variety of places to get replacement casters, but if you want something nice, Volcanic Wheels in the US sells wheelchair casters, with a light-up-on-spin option for 5" being under $50:

Hello @jelora . D'après toi, réalisable en impression 3D ?

En récupérant le caoutchouc du pneu pour le réutiliser, peut-être
Mais je suis pas sûr en terme de solidité dans le temps
A voir si avec de l'ABS ça pourrait le faire
Si la partie pneu en caoutchouc est à gonfler, ça risque d'être compliqué de garantir l’étanchéité de l'air

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