I have just learned that Sun Ra's estate not only has all his music available to buy directly from them on Bandcamp, but also that according to the original 1973 contract for Space is the Place, not only are the masters owned by Sun Ra specifically in space, but by purchasing it you are legally declaring yourself as an extraterrestrial who exists outside of earth's gravitational pull.

The album itself slaps imo and I'm very interested to see its accompanying film

@katherine oh my goodness you simply must, it is wonderful art. I believe the pirate bay has a copy should you be unable to exchange currency.

@t54r4n1 nice, I might look in to that this week :) it's been on my mental to-watch list for a while

@katherine I mean by the loose definition that we are all in space yes, but I am unfortunately on earth

@katherine Nowhere is beyond the Earth's gravitational pull unless it's further away than light could have travelled since the formation of the Earth 4.<whatever> billion years ago. But that'd be outside the jurisdiction of most courts, I'd think.


@edavies @katherine While this is true, you've just made me wonder what's the distance where the forces from random vacuum interactions ("background noise") overtake Earth's gravity. Maybe those interactions vary a lot with what they're affecting so maybe there's no single distance..

@seachaint Rather than random noise, you could consider the Sun's gravity field.

Once you go outside the Lagrange points of the Earth-Sun system, you will end up in orbit around the Sun rather than Earth.

I learned just now that this space of gravitational dominance is called Earth's… .

@edavies @katherine

@edavies @katherine

Specialists in celestial mechanics generally define a boundary of the Earth's "sphere of influence", not where the gravitation attraction of the Sun exceeds that of the Earth (because that would actually be closer to the Earth than the Moon is), but where the tidal force exerted by the Sun exceeds that exerted by the Earth. That's an inverse-fourth-power scaling law, which is why the closer but much smaller Moon raises higher tides on the Earth than the Sun does.

@katherine this is very very important news and here's the link to the album for folks who are interested :

(there's also a page for the Arkestra, which is apparently still going??? daaaang)

@bouncinglime awesome that they're still around. I had no idea the film had its own separate soundtrack? I assumed the 1973 studio album was the soundtrack but that's clearly not the case given the one you linked

@katherine Once per year KFJC does an entire day of Sun Ra, usually in June

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