Welsh masculine pronouns: three different forms, and each of those forms are entirely different based on north or south dialect

Welsh feminine pronoun: eh just use one word who cares

Northern masc: o, of, fo
Southern masc: e, ef, fe

fem: hi

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to be fair I believe hi is sometimes written hwy in formal writing but it’s never said in conversation

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also fun fact: Welsh is one of the rare gendered languages that uses feminine pronouns in cases where no gender is stated. This is most often noticeable when discussing weather. So when you say “it’s sunny” you say “she’s sunny” in welsh.

funnily “hi” in welsh is pronounced exactly as “he” is in English

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@katherine In Icelandic, I guess there's always a gender somewhere, stated or implicit. But if you're addressing a mixed group of people, you use the feminine forms. Kind of like the opposite of "hey guys." :)

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