a lot of emotes, caps 

:lemming_stop: HALT :lemming_stop:

:resetti: :lemming_dig: THIS WEBSITE :resetti: :lemming_dig:
:resetti: :lemming_dig: IS UNDER :lemming_dig: :resetti:
:resetti: :lemming_dig: CONSTRUCTION :resetti: :lemming_dig:

:lemming_wave: check back later! :lemming_wave:

:wilma: :wilma: :wilma: :wilma: :wilma:

you are guest number
:sparkles_pink: :lazer_0: :lazer_0: :lazer_0: :lazer_1: :lazer_3: :sparkles_pink:

a lot of emotes, caps 

@katherine I love the old website aesthetic

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