@katherine indeed. there's a graffito saying "public servants aren't" with the circled A that's been on a brick building facing a freeway for at least 20 years, and it hasn't even faded. some craft brewery jackoffs bought up the building last year and painted over part of it, but the message is still there and every bit as relevant

@alexis oh wow 20 years? Where was this? This was sort of a joke post but I am way in to graffiti and the history it can carry

@katherine in baltimore, overlooking interstate 83 just a bit north of downtown! not sure if the building is part of the old
pepsi bottling plant or just adjacent to it, no idea how long the message has been there or who painted it originally

(whoever it was had to have been a daredevil, it's well off the ground and the wall, though brick, is sheer)

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