kasia is soft and cute and has a lovely warm smile and is also a fucking weird and filthy semen gremlin

im at the cum drive thru holding up the line cos my order so fucking big

i require cum so im putting clothes on and going outside

Kasia getting you to say that you want to wear her skin like a coat 10 times is Mastodon culture

currently consensually forcing julien to birth my feet from their ass

seriously, don't bother with reddit trans spaces, the people you, a cool but concerned small, would like your questions to be answered by, are not there.

a bitter older trans person who can only feel some semblance of joy by making young and impressionable and/or questioning trans people hate themselves more and fear transitioning: hmm imma go on reddit

@Ophillous do you know how to do that rabbit streaming thing? cos if you do i'd be willing to do a voice chat n watch of TGWDLM after my shower :3

spent a very large part of the day doing a big goofy smile and touching my boobs and saying "boobs"

alc +++ 

something ex partners used to like about me was that i was 'mysterious', or as we say in the real world 'very closeted'

ever look in the mirror and be like "yup, that's kasia"?

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