@horrowfide mastodon is crumbling and many are blaming William Shatner's inability to find them

i love how lance ulanoff judges a website according to how good william shatner is at using the search function.

also this is a new account, follow horrowfide's new account for future thought-provoking 'who would win' polls.

@horrowfide basing my opinions on coffee makers on how easy it was for Kristen Bell to figure out the timer settings

@taweret @horrowfide i offered to sell lance ulanoff a map to william shatner but he was an ass to me

@horrowfide the rest of the article is a hoot too

also, to spite ulanoff, toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot

@horrowfide After finding out William Shatner is kind of an ass and nobody else on the cast of Star Trek really likes him this has just become even funnier.

@horrowfide who the fuck is William Shatner and why would I want him to find me?

@jorin @horrowfide Actor, known for the role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek (the original series).

@horrowfide I'm pretty sure that it was Shatner who once publicly complained that Twitter employees, and close business partners of Twitter were getting the "Verified" badge.

(His complaint was that Verified users get a "Only Show Tweets from Verified Users" menu option, and he was irritated that the filtered feed was starting to contain non-Hollywood tweets.)

i think it was. he's got a nerve imagining that anyone cares what he thinks.

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