i really dont want children ever but id rather pop out a wee sprog than go full r/childfree

i get people being annoyed at the assumption that you want or can have children however repeatedly using the phrase 'crotch goblin' only makes you, personally, look incredibly cringe

also when people break down why they simply cant have kids and it's like 'my entire family dont have 20/20 vision and i occassionally get anxious. my nana did too. why would i foist this terrible fate upon my child' and it's like, those arent completely disabling hereditary ailments dude. you can just say you cba with a wean.


anyway everyone should just follow my lead of having people not assume you'll have kids by following these steps:
1) pleasantly say 'i dont want children'
2) be incredibly erratic, frequently 'big time mentally unwell' and also, very weird
3) for some reason have everyone treat you like you're 11 years old, and therefore not expect you to be with child.

@hellhag666 I’ve been following this method successfully for my entire life

@badboy69 it fucking rules tbh. like other people i know never hear the end of it but most people simply look at me and my life and assume of i had a child id just leave it on the bus or whatever

@hellhag666 or do what I did and 4) get sterilised and be very public about it.

It took me 18 months as a man to find a doctor who took me seriously enough to agree to do a vasectomy, so I can imagine how much harder, if not damn right impossible, it would be for a women to get her tubes tied while childless.

It is therefore up to us men who know we don't want kids to get the snip. Break that barrier down and make it easier for women to be taken seriously.

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