if i was a giant, and by giant, i mean very very large, enormous, just huge, i would probably pick up the individual bits of stone henge and, that's right, stick them up my arse.

@hafnia that's their original purpose. not many people know this.

@hellhag666 the lack of a flared base does make it confusing, to be fair

@hafnia the flared base was probably a much later invention. iron age.

@hellhag666 oh that makes sense, guess prior to that you had to roll the dice and hope things didn't get stuck

@hafnia getting the rest of the neolithic boys round to try and dislodge various artefacts from my arsehole

@hellhag666 I would kick the lintels off like that lad with the snowman

@knownrobes imagine sitting down on a distant hill with your flask of tea and watching a large boy just fuckin goin to town on it. mint.

@hellhag666 quite weird there are no glacial features called "the giants arseprint" anywhere isn't it

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