its been like 13 years since i last did a bucket in the woods. i have strayed from the lords path.

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tonight i was supposed to see the nicholas cage pig film but they had sold the screening out so i went to a cocktail bar that used to be the scummiest toilets in town and talked about doing buckets in the woods. its called class, idiots.

some of us had big balls before the vaccine. big balls that we used to defend the united states of the america... this is our story.

sorry but your behaviour tonight activated my RSD (really stupid dick ((i got horny))) 😔

in the matrix the red pill is strawberry and the blue pill is raspberry.

fucked up that they let clowns on the internet nevertheless i am happy to be here

every hot take you make takes 23 minutes off your life

im hydrating (sucking down free perfume samples in the john lewis department store)

does anyone wanna swap some cigarettes for this little guy i found in the woods [gestures to fucked up gnome guy] he can do tricks [gnome guy does a little flip]

if you disagree with me making all of my sims big titty sims then you hate free speech.

ive thrown some firelighters into my skull. im going to set everything in there on fire.

its really cool to think about the series of events in history that has lead to britain being this way. the country is very sick. our collective psyche is rotten. chuggs is thriving.

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last night i was watching love Island and they introduced a guy called "chuggs" who runs 'a bucket hat business in surrey'.

make friends with me properly first before you do this! it makes me feel bad!

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this has been happening to me since i was 14 years old. why am i a beacon for this.

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its happened again a new guy on the internet is messaging me about his problems unprompted :)

this isn't a shitpost he just talked about how he loved toes like 4 times in the opening episode

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