stephin merritt wrote 69 love songs, sure, but his greatest songwriting achievements are his 70 songs about trains or 71 songs about the moon.

i pronounce uranus the less vulgar way (urine-ass)

does my nut in that they sell a shower gel in every shop in this country that either burns your nob or makes it pleasantly tingle

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smearing mint original source on my private parts (my brain)

just asking in order to formulate an even more dogshit opinion

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haven't been on fedi for a while who has had the worst takes about the war

having a good time sitting in a completely empty room. i think i could do spells here.

throwing a fucking brick through your window with a note attached that reads "please let me know if i fuck up or do something problematic, i'm always listening and trying to improve so i can help make this a safe space. sorry if this is overstepping your boundaries!"

it's called 'medical cannabis' because i do a big bong hit before i perform surgery.

screaming 'fuck off!' repeatedly at yourself in a mirror is mental health care

reminder: when bi girls have boyfriends it doesn't make them straight, apart from me. im straight.

ive actually not been posting much on masto because its very heterophobic on here :/ also i forgot my login.

blocking an entire domain feels powerful and you should do it

it's called 'medical cannabis' because i do a big bong hit before i perform surgery.

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