I'm installing limewire on yer da's computer

babe are you doing ok? you just released a series of experimental noise albums

old lady names are going to make a comeback and i am going to make a mint. i have a storage unit in van nuys filled with little fake license plates that say shit like "ethel" and "bernice"

scrawling my mates ham radio call sign on the wall of a club toilet “4 a good time raise M7KTN” ha ha

not many people are faving my posts, did i get cancelled

drinking a refreshing glass of mommy's posting juice (water)

suffering from a very serious ailment called 'horny willy' where my penis gets hard when i see a sexy broad with big bazongas and legs that go all the way up

practicing my distress tolerance skills (making mournful whale noises in the bath)

getting a big stiffy thinking about 'going to the pub' and so on and so forth

13th century voice Well I think you will find that most problems can in fact be solved by Plowing if you have a True Plowman’s creativity and dedication

reving my moped engine outside your mother's window. it's a sex thing and its consensual.

I want smart toilet paper. I want to say, "Wipe Ass" aloud and it wipes for me.

three years ago we had Bob hope, johnny cash and steve jobs. now ive got a weird concave area where my ass should be

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