Update: they just gently whisered "kiss...". I am soft.

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@katherine just said, very decisively, in their sleep, "Gay. Gay For You.". Think my wife loves me. Baffling.

@katherine: babe i feel like a pokemon character when im with you
Me: ...okay? What do you..?
Catrin, like a pokemon: squirtle!

Every time i mention to @katherine that im reading captain america fanfiction, she respomds with "bucky? More like fucky." And each time she says it i both love and hate her more in equal amounts.

Selfie, eye contact 

Even I will admit that i look cute in this pic!!


I made cheesy pasta bake and it was not perfect but it was tasty and thats what matters

Selfie, eye contact 

I shaved my head bc im gay and in lockdown and now i look hot as fuck tbh

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