im gonna be so much more comfortable gigging when we're rich and famous enough to put together The Powderpaint Big Band

food mistakes 

i found a slice of stale cake in the back of the fridge, and reader, i regret to say i ate it

my stomach is turning somersaults 🤢

when rebecca black said 'seeing everything, the time is going'. she didn't know how right she was

does american sandwich bread tend to have butter in it??


what to have for dins

for every extremely cool-looking queer i see in town making me super jealous, i can only pray maybe somebody is thinking the same about me 🙏

treated myself to one of those bougie colas. with the dog on it

i was gonna try this "eldon ring" but after a very tedious intro sequence the game crashed so i reckon i'll uninstall it now

starting up a queer kids group for my students and while it 100% means extra unpaid work for me i am at least grateful that the college seem supportive of it so far

are there any good games where you're on a ship. i dont care if we're talking pirate, navy, or mercantile. just some good video game action upon a ship

i got so many compliments on my dress today, special thanks to the drunk lady on my way home who screamed "I LOVE YOUR DRESS IT'S PRETTY"

The one and only time I’ve visited the UK I made sure to visit the British Museum, because I grew up in Egypt, and every museum there has several exhibits that are just a sign reading “we’d love to show you this, but the British stole it to put in the British Museum”

in britain probably everybody older than 55 has something called a Toast Turntable which their mother bought in 1975 and it still works completely fine. and the checkouts at the supermarket you can buy a little pot of Toast Turntable Oil, or at least you used to be able to, before it was revealed that Turners' Turning Oil was getting the 15 year olds that hang out round the back of the old hippodrome extremely high

having realised the keyboard stand i bought is too short to put a keyboard and a laptop on it on separate tiers, i will instead be velcroing the laptop to the side of the keyboard for our upcoming gigs. i cant see this presenting any problems

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