long shot but i think somebody on masto recorded our appearance on BBC radio sussex on august 27th 2020 and we wondered if they might be out there and still have the file :3

gig last night was BEYOND incredible

we can’t believe some of you travelled to see us and then on top of that knew all our lyrics and sang and danced your hearts out 💜🧡💚 it was WILD we are still reeling

thank you SO SO much for giving us such a warm welcome back to live performance it made our fukin year

next up, trans pride Brighton! come see us there ✨

@hazel click on all images with transgender person playing darts

me (looking at a picture of roger linn): rest in peace dave 😔

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this is the only way you can make sense of the lyrics to 'take on me'

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a-ha's lyrics make a lot more sense when you find out paul used to keep a little notebook to write down any weird english idioms he heard

@hazel this is true. in the same way that the rippingtons are a sort of “theme hospital” pat metheny

me: (listening to walter becker)

shonalika: what's this. diet steely dan

pat metheny is a sort of 'sims build mode' rippingtons

the science of getting a cat's attention? call that pspspsychology

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