step one: download friends from the internet
step two: amateur surgery to give friends gills
step three: underwater eco commune with online friends

@hanny step four: reupload friends to underwater social media website application for sea cows

@hanny sign me up to become one of those fish-men with the weird dicks

@pisscotheque would you fuck the fish man from fish man the movie? i would

@hanny the fish man has an in-universe reputation as a champion shagger and also has a top arse, i would definitely join the queue

@pisscotheque the thing about fish mans arse, is i think it was overhyped. i went to the movie ready to rub my thighs over a thicc, yet tight fish man arse and i did not really get what i wanted. still would though!

@hanny that's fair, it was more of a lightly-muscled twink arse than the stupid thicc carriage the thinkpieces promised

@pisscotheque @hanny Now I am having flashbacks to Alan Moore's Neonomicon and I don't like it.

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