reminder - if you ever get asked to rate someones customer service, don't be a cunt, always give them the highest score, even if they've not been able to help you because they're a simple wage drone under capitalism


people literally lose their job over bad scores on these surveys, and one bad score can wreck someone for a month. don't be a prick, ta.


At places I worked at they had scores of 1-10. Anything that as a 7 or below automatically got rescored as a 1. It's super unfair.

Also getting low survey scores because I refused to break corporate policy for a customer or in some cases even state and federal laws just because "the customer is always right".

@hanny If these surveys were honest requests for feedback to improve, like they appear, people wouldn't lose their jobs over them.

As it stands, they're awful bad terrible things that are used to hurt people rather than to improve customer service.

@hanny i only make exceptions for safety issues. if i think my uber driver was driving so unsafely that my life was in not insignificant danger, i'm not giving them 5 stars.

otherwise i agree.

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