reminder - if you ever get asked to rate someones customer service, don't be a cunt, always give them the highest score, even if they've not been able to help you because they're a simple wage drone under capitalism

people literally lose their job over bad scores on these surveys, and one bad score can wreck someone for a month. don't be a prick, ta.


At places I worked at they had scores of 1-10. Anything that as a 7 or below automatically got rescored as a 1. It's super unfair.

Also getting low survey scores because I refused to break corporate policy for a customer or in some cases even state and federal laws just because "the customer is always right".

@hanny If these surveys were honest requests for feedback to improve, like they appear, people wouldn't lose their jobs over them.

As it stands, they're awful bad terrible things that are used to hurt people rather than to improve customer service.

@hanny i only make exceptions for safety issues. if i think my uber driver was driving so unsafely that my life was in not insignificant danger, i'm not giving them 5 stars.

otherwise i agree.

@hanny also they often have a box where you can add comments and i always put that 'they were very friendly and helpful' etc, and if using an online chat thing i'll make a point of saying 'thank you for being so helpful today' cos i know someone else will be watching it. prob doesn't make much difference but one has to try

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@hanny from personal experience, a scale from 1-10 breaks down as follows:
10 = The employee did a good job
9 = The employee did an ok job
8 = The employee barely did their job

7-1 = The employee is a horrible person who smells bad and probably hates puppies too.

@hanny I used to get mystery shopped at Claire's Accessories. For extremely specific things, it was like a four page document... Music too loud, tidy surfaces, all stuff restocked, all staff wearing name badges, all staff smiling, all staff wearing fancy dress, etc etc etc. And I was a supervisor on £4 an hour or something...

Can confirm, retail work for me was basically a constant tirade of getting pulled aside and lectured about how "y'all are getting bad performance scores, you need to make sure to push every single one of us to work better or we just can't afford to keep everyone on!", over and over and over, even though we were all working our asses off. Because someone, once in a while, would get vindictive and ruin our averages. We didn't deserve that, the company did.

They were paying us minimum wage to stand all day and ruin our bodies for 10 hours straight. Only three people we're ever allowed to work at a time, so all of us were performing the work of several people to keep things runnint. One day, the heating stopped working and the indoor temperature became 10°F, and we were forced to stay inside to hold down the fort while the repairmen came. I felt like I was going to die.
Corps are evil, never forget this.


Mostly because anyone who has any actual authority surrounds themselves with a bunch of powerless employees so that way they never have to actually ever talk to a customer.

Aside from writing a letter, there is pretty much no way to talk to someone with authority in a major corporation.

@hanny Another option is, if you don't feel that the interaction earned the highest score, no matter if it's the fault of the establishment or the people you interacted with, is to not take the survey.

@hanny I hate when companies roll the feedback all into one. I’ll rate the individual person highly, while at the same time rating the company really low. It’s not the phone persons fault that their product/service/support is bullshit!

@PuppyJack most of the time, the person will get penalised if you rate the company low too, cannit win

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