people leave the fediverse because they are used to producing 'content' for 'an audience' instead of 'havin a laugh' with 'an unruly set of goblins' and frankly, i think that is beautiful.

@hanny i produce content for an unruly set of goblins to laugh at, the fediverse is my one and only home

'''people leave the fediverse because they are used to producing 'content' for a corporation

hanny 🍤💪 bowie in labyrinth

having a laugh with
unruly goblins

@hanny So your saying the fediverse is developing an image of being a social network first, rather than a platform for advertising and building an audience? What innovation!

@hanny I always consider masto's use as like, where your personal account would be best served. it's so casual and cozy when your instance has less than 1000 people.

@hanny im glad thats the reason and not joke like joblins (jean goblins)

@hanny @eggandburger I have more audiences in Fediverse. Almost no one interacts with my post on Twitter although I have 1000+ followers. Facebook is similar except when I post personally matter.

@hanny This is the type of content that will really get people talking about Hanny(tm)!

@hanny Seems sad. They've been traumatized by corporations into becoming unpaid entertainers.

@hanny And so the Slime Isekai really is an anime about the fediverse?

@hanny You know, that's why I love this website! All I've ever wanted to do on the internet is mess around. I didn't realize how sick I was of all this quasi-marketting nonsense until I got here.

@hanny There is a time and place for everything. I need to get my content place organized and presntable.

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