MOST is cool as shit and i cannot wait for it to become A Thing


for the unfamiliar: they've come up with a molecule that, when hit by sunlight, turns into an energy-rich isomer that can be stored for years at a time.

when you want to retrieve that energy, you just run it through a catalyzing filter. the isomer reacts, increasing in temperature by ~63°C, and the molecule returns to its original form for future re-use.

it fucking WHIPS.

@uint8_t @grant Hm yes, if its cheap enough that would be neat. But I mean space wise batteries probably take up quite a bit less space, unless the liquid has some extreme heat capacity...

@grant this is really cool and i understand the science i think but also it feels so cool as to be pretend

@grant this sounds amazing and also sounds like something the petrochemical industry would spill oceans of blood to get rid of

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