"stop drawing big knockers on everything" you sob, your voice cracking. "hanny... please... that lemur does not need a big pair of norks" you wail, looking at my latest masterpiece.

@goblin cool looking aardvark, but it could use a nice pair of jugs

@healyn the noble american eagle, now with baps for days

@goblin throw some cans on this squirrel and call it a day


And yet none of ya'll have been amazed that Whales and Dolphins have specialized pumps built into their boobs in order to nurse their calves.

This is a really cool evolutionary adaptation in order to enable lactation underwater.

that sounds boring. personally, i am only amazed by cool skateboarding tricks

@Tau_Leonis i apologise for not mentioning whale lactation every time i joke about drawing big boobies on an animal

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