i finished this piece of shit and now my soul can rest

me: i love to make zines!
me, having made a zine: this is a hateful piece of garbage and i want to burn it. why do i feel so full of rage.

@half_rat yr gettin one! its only taken me 5 months approx. to finish it!

@goblin this rules and i love it and thanks for making it. wow!

@garfiald thank u garf i made it will my brain and hands (both of which are terrible)


@MordecaiPinhas DO NOT BE AFRAID. what do u wish to zine about friend?

@goblin I have lots of writing, I want to put it out there in zine form! But I don't know how to format a little book that will be so sweet and good like yours!

@MordecaiPinhas ok! the way i work is i try and think of a theme i wanna work around, so that can be a topic (personal experiences of the internet! plants! gay sci fi! my own crushing depression!) or it can be a style (short poems! comics! a long story formatted real weird!) and that makes it a little bit less overwhelming. i would also reccommend printing out writing and cutting/sticking and messing around with formatting- dont be precious, you can always change it if it sux.

i usually try and do everything physically - so im just getting some a4 paper, folding it, cutting up writing and pix and then blu tacking different bits until it looks right. then i can scan it in. digital stuff looks hella good but is a lot more ~exclusive~ imho. anyone can make a physical booklet from a couple of sheets of paper. idk im rambling?

@MordecaiPinhas anyway good luck! you can make some zines! they'll pribably be brilliant but even if they're not they'll be a cool fun lil thing You Have Created and that is boss as fuck.

@goblin You're the best, thanks so much for this pep talk!

@goblin hanny this is delightful, and i am cracking up at 'in the aeroplane over the sea mediafire zip rar'

@goblin hey this is wonderful and I love the cute doodles and the cutout pops of color

@goblin I missed you posting the actual zine, nice one, this is really great! Relatable also, I met some of my best mates online and people from work know i have friends across the country but not how and I've always just lied about it to my dad for convenience. Truly we are "on" "line"

@snakeboy me, when my mam asked how i, a teen gal scared of the world who had never left the north east, had amassed so many friends in manchester and london: ... uh gigs?

@goblin "in the aeroplane over the sea mediafire zip rar" is a powerful spell

@pig it was one of the first incantations i learned... and it has cused me so

@goblin this is so good, born in ‘87 and feeling this just as much

@goblin Aw pal this is great and adorable, thanks a lot for sharing it with us!!

@Aleums thank you!!! i have so many feelings about the internet!!!

@goblin Hanny I love your zine and Denise from work can fuck right off!

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