it's an insult to shagging that sometimes it will result in Baby

@Shrigglepuss i am so jealous of you. congrats on Baby Free Life.

surgery mention 


@funkeh i love our children very much jojo, but NO MORE

Us, to God: "We have had the average amount of 2.4 children and that's quite enough, thank you. Please stop."
God: "A plague upon your harvests."

@funkeh it's always plague this and plague that with that guy. absolutely unreasonable. it's like he doesn't understand that airmailing the children from Australia to the UK and back again is EXPENSIVE. fuck him.

@goblin So expensive you couldn't even afford air holes, no I will NOT let it go

@funkeh I'm sorry but he got there in one piece and that's all you can ask from me

@goblin we almost had 1.4 children because of your reckless actions, but it’s good you gave him that gallon of river water so he could hold out

@funkeh @goblin
*King Solomon Voice*: 0.5 children, 0.5 children, you all get 0.5 children.

@funkeh he is a strong and hardy boy. it was character building.

@goblin Jesus Christ Hannuet, he wants to be a poet, not a wrestler!

Though I guess there's no reason he couldn't be both.....

@funkeh with your brains and creativity and my ability to chokeslam any and every person i meet...

@goblin you know his creativity AND chokeslam ability come from you, somehow he has 90% of your DNA.

I got shortchanged at the genetic supermarket and I'm calling the consumer watchdog.

@goblin omfg moooood. complete opposite ends of the lewd/wholesome spectrum, should be illegal

@JohnBrownJr exactly, like idk babs are cute lil aliens but why should i even have to consider that when im getting absolutely rawed. illegal.

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