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Animal Crossing, villager giveaway 

I have a bunch of NFC cards with amiibo data on them. If you live in the UK I'm happy to post you a villager, totally free of charge. The cards aren't pretty, I've just written names on in permanent marker ha, but they do contain friends that you can invite to your campsite and convince to move to your island.

Villagers available are:
- Fang
- Celia
- Roscoe
- Lucky
- Julian
- Tiffany
- Sterling
- Whitney
- Fauna

Just tell me who you would like!

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tunnel boaring machine puts boars in a hole

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what the fuck this isnt newgrounds dot com

what if it gets turned into luxury student accommodation. I shiver at the thought

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they're turning Bristol zoo into luxury flats

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I would like to introduce you all to meowstronaut :fuchsia:

Feedback welcome :meowartist:

fatigue is like a runny nose, you don't appreciate it not being there until it is again.

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what geometric fold has the largest surface area and smallest size??? google and duck duck go fail me

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"five pounds a month towards five transfem causes in the UK

collective giving for your sisters"


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other countries:
hmmmm what should we put on our bank notes. how about this famous dude


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outfit selfie 

what’s up lads i fucked up my entire skeleton by turning my head gently to the side this morning

online shopping grumble 

I try not using amazon and shit keeps turning up in amazon packaging anyway because it turns out a lot of people use their warehouses. Eurgh.

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Tired: sneaking out into your own field at night to make crop circles, then alerting the news

Wired: welding your own sheet metal obelisk and taking it out into the desert, then alerting the news

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