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you have to accept that you're not special as in somehow better than others but also accept that you're special as in unique and deserving of love

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Current quest: who did I lend the ginger wig to I need it to dress as a 2011 version of my friend in a couple of weeks

Lots of anti-bird posting on my TL today. Need I remind you that

โ€ข RAVENS will take pieces of bark and literally WIND-SURF on thermal updrafts in the mountains
โ€ข HONEYGUIDES are so named because they will guide humans to beehives containing DELICIOUS HONEY
โ€ข GREATER BLACK-BACKED GULLS can swallow a WHOLE RABBIT without chewing

All this (and more) just goes to show that birds are

โ€ข cool as hell
โ€ข helpful and friendly
โ€ข but most importantly, if YOU choose to mess with them, they CAN and WILL fuck you up

So please think twice before you disrespect birds on this federated verse! ๐Ÿ™

Companies in the UK have adopted black friday for sales but obviously not Thanksgiving so we get to receive cursed emails like "It's Black Friday Eve!"

Had a surprise nap, woke up confused about it being dark

normalise spinning round in a circle until you fall over

@galdrakinn i think framadate doesnt make you sign up idr though

Someone handed me an earplug at a gig a while back and without thinking I popped it in my mouth and started chewing ๐Ÿ™ƒ

I've just found out that everything i have in my calendar for December is in the wrong place and I've clashed two important things :s

I stole a Medbed last night by imagining that I had one.

Is there a doodle poll equivalent that isn't gonna ask me to sign up or subscribe?

A thread on my game Neofeud about my life as an impoverished Hawaiian, social worker and STEM teacher for other poor/homeless, living in slums beneath billionaire mansions. My experiences refracted through the lens of satirical cyberpunk.

Crowdfunding for Queer Caribbean writer 

"Lupita is a queer, Caribbean writer and student who is fleeing an emotionally and physically abusive relationship overseas. Sheโ€™s currently managed to scrape together enough for a ticket back to the U.S."

Read more, pls boost/donate!

Catching a thought process and changing it is neat huh

fish facts

electric rays are flat fucks that'll mess you up using electric shocks

hey just a reminder that i'm still trying to figure out who made this robot pride flag. i've been using it widely for a while and i remember first finding it on Masto. if anybody knows who made it -or if it was you - please let me know <3

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