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Don't speak to me until after I've resolved my morning flashback

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you have to accept that you're not special as in somehow better than others but also accept that you're special as in unique and deserving of love

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I threw three things on the wheel today, and I got to sit on my own listening to music cos the others were up in the main studio. I haven't got the hang of centering yet so my pots / vases are shit but I am both learning and having fun.

i tried finding the
information i'm looking
for to no avail

Being cock blocked by the parking restrictions on my street 😩

I wish I was predominantly a flight type rather than freeze/fawn so I would get shit done

Asserting dominance at the end of phone calls by only saying "bye!" once, in a normal pitch, and then putting the phone down.

So Koi footwear have thigh high platform boots in various colours that they claim are for all body types

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Today you're feeling like a...

@galdrakinn get you a girl that takes you to the Portland Basin Museum in Ashton under Lyne instead

Omg you can get married at the London canal museum


I just got excited about the idea of grabbing breakfast bits on the way back and cooking it up for the hungover beans but I'm avoiding solids due to the hole in my mouth and idk if I can handle cooking a load of food that I can't eat. I cried yesterday because when I got back in they were eating crispy Quorn nugs.

Girls will be like "I know a place" then take you to the London canal museum

Anyone know any brands that make thigh high boots that will fit people who have larger thighs? And actually stay up would also be cool but I can always fix a silicone strip to the tops

Went to karaoke tonight for a pals birthday. Singing is a human behaviour that we've foolishly decided needs to be a skill? Same with dancing. These are just things humans do, everyone should be encouraged to dance and sing regardless of their perceived ability. It's good for the soul.


A pharmacist from the doctor called and was like hey maybe we can reduce your quetiapine and pregabalin! And im like but I only just got to a kinda good place and now you're gonna fuck around with it? No.

"The pregabalin is addictive" yeah no shit I take it every day, I'm already dependant and coming off of it will be managed by a doctor when the time is right.

I don't want to have an episode due to pearl clutching about controlled substances. Leave this to the psychiatrist and Dr.

My hole where a tooth was is feeling a lot better today. And yesterday eve my partner picked me up and made me soup it was so nice.

Hello yes I'd like to practice polyamory. Yes I do have a disorganised attachment style lmao

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