I swear to god this is legit and the only two I know so far

10 across: Worry (7)
18 down: Cat noise (4)

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Look at my new round friend!!!! They're very soft and squishy

me, waking up from my bed of leaves, yawning, stretching my fluffy arms: iss windy

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Guy is straight up wearing a crossword vest and I just gotta respect that

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UK pol 

i might read or do a crossword right now, i want to do both really bad and they're fighting in my mind aaaaaaa

remembering the time a dude knocked on my door and said "cum?" and i was about to be all "aha, yus please :3" until he got his phone out and called 'cum', which was when i realised he not only had the wrong flat, but also had an accent and was saying 'cam'

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I was invited by a 25 year old thinking of going for what were obviously selfish and ego stroking reasons

how fucking dare you politely ask me to raid their one safe space

remembering the time i got invited to a meeting of older trans women, which i felt was so utterly insensitive and cruel to them, to invite me, a freshly 22 year old whimsical little princess, to a meeting of clearly heartbroken and and hurt older people clinging (i saw from pictures of previous meetings) to what little they could after living an entire life closeted

like, how fucking dare you invite me to something where my mere existence and presence will be triggering for so many people.

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Selfie ec, red coat time 

me, in rags and covered in dirt, coming down from my mountain after fifty years of nothing but contemplative silence: ready player cum

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My Top Ten Games

10. Spiderman?
9. Wall jump
8. Mario
7. Mario
6. Mario
5. The Future Now
4. xbox
3. tennis
2. ???
1. Driv3r

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Perhaps it would benefit you to look up the writings of

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