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baking, kinda bragging i guess? 

i'm like to thank my yeasty son, flatboy, for his hard work

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baking, kinda bragging i guess? 

it is really quite good

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baking, kinda bragging i guess? 

you ever eat some of your own bread and go "damn this is some nice bread"


oh hey i just found my spare teeth

i tell the dog we're going walkies and start to get dressed. he jumps onto my chair (presumably so he can jump up at me better) but instead finds himself spinning away from me. now he's spinning himself around to counter this but it just goes faster. eventually i had to intervene and stop the chair for him

sleepy dog, sleepy dog, dog dog dog dog dog dog

:drake_dislike: asking the dog not to get on the bed because he's wet
:drake_like: waking up to a wet dog standing over you

sometimes he will get into bed and just fidget until i get off the bed by myself

normal human-dog relationship

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:drake_dislike: asking the dog to get off the bed
:drake_like: getting into to bed anyway and just fidgeting until he gets off the bed by himself

watering my celery after a hot day and watching with wonder as it springs back to life

football, england, birdsite 

twitter started recommending i follow @pisscotheque only after i started reading about the fireworks arse guy (becaue england and because football)

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If there were more awareness in fedi and tech circles they'd use a tag like #UbuntuLinux and leave the #Ubuntu tag for African solidarity and discussions of the actual African philosophy Canonical took the name from... but you're not ready for that conversation.


my dough was way too wet but i baked it anyway. turned out not too too bad

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which end do you open a banana?

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