food, alcohol 

@finn @Pixley i have made penne alla vodka before. very 80s, not worth the effort imo

@finn dunno why you'd think that. it's clearly a dice game: you throw "gin" into the "ramen"

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@pisscotheque i'd be careful at first but then i'd get bored and rush the job

@monorail i put the court documents in the trouser press and presented my tie to the judge *again* this morning. How do i keep making this mistake!

i found this in an old art folder. not posting the whole thing because i clearly didn't use any references for the figures

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Dog, eye contact 

It's raining so the dog decided my bed was a good place to dry off

@breakfastgolem it does though because it in of does :thinkerguns: out of the does

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They call it a toot because you in of the toot of the box out of the toot :thinkerguns:


Strongboy had taken to racing around the house with his food bowl in his mouth

@kevinwhipwrecked thank goodness

i've been way down on my gay crimes quota

@femforms @triz has the best posts. i still think about that orca deck one from last year

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you all think you know about marriage. and yet you never ask the divorcées about their wived experience


help my hands are covered in butter

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