dog close your eyes when you sleep challenge


the great chocolate bread experiment begins


also i have baking chocolate as well as cocoa, so that might be fun

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wanna try making chocolate bread again

last time i tried it i forgot to put any sort of sugar (all the recipes ask for honey, but i'm p sure any syrupy thing will do) in it and it wasn't great

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someone wake the dog up, i wanna go walkies


i made american style pancakes for the first time today

they taste good, but i'm not sure how you're meant to roll them up?

Very lewd film shitpost / body fluid / kink / Batman 

@Shrigglepuss i don't get it, is "british porn" meant to be the kink?

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I'm so tired of grabbing fistfuls of water as it comes out the tap and trying to throw it into my mouth before it runs down my arm. there's got to be a better way!

Dumb joke, kinda genitals? 

@MxCraven xmoto my dick and balls

dog, mental health, food 

i had s lay in today that lasted until 3pm so when i finally managed to summon the strength to get up i was starving and no one was here to keep the dog company.

so i ate lunch in the bath with the dog perched on the edge of the bath trying to get my sandwich and/or the bubbles on my arm. not exactly relaxing but i was giggling by the end of it

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hello chumps, chumpettes and chxmps. it is my birthday tomorrow and instead of having a party (banned) i am having a fundraiser for the trussell trust, who run my local foodbank and many others across the UK. if you love godforsaken website or me and have some pounds to spare, i would be ever so pleased if you would contribute whatever you are comfortable with!!!!

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