turns out gardening and related tools are incredibly expensive so i made a wishlist lol. if u wanna help this jobless disabled lad grow some veg and feel purposeful some of the things are literally a quid



@threeofswords if you can get to a B&M or Poundland they have pretty cheap gardening equipment (I just wish they had a delivery option 😩)

@dreadpirateyarr b&m isn't on a bus route here i'm very sad about it! did get some stuff from poundland recently but ours seemed to have more big pots than useful tools!

@threeofswords oh that sucksss (although I do need some big pots so that’s useful to know lol)

@dreadpirateyarr @threeofswords
the voice of bitter experience here. Some of the cheaper pots are made from plastic which turns extremely brittle in sunlight. (this was wilko's in my case)

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