Reading about hi-fi speaker wiring and I’ve somehow stumbled into a dark place

@dreadpirateyarr i hate that this has some sort of obscure kink energy to it.

@dreadpirateyarr @katherine You both probably jest but someone did make an anime girl kink version of this. :blobastonished:

(I won't link it unless you ask, though, I doubt you need that dropped into your replies unwarranted.) :blobnervous2:

@Jo @dreadpirateyarr @katherine i need to see this. Would you be willing to DM me the link if you dont want to post it?

@dreadpirateyarr I've seen this exact drawing before and yeah it looks like a sex thing

@dreadpirateyarr the phrase "disturbingly accurate" was made for this illustration

Also now I will ask my friends if they are volt people, amp people or ohm people and laugh hysterically and they won't have a clue as to why

@dreadpirateyarr I have to deal with the concept of impedance at work and I'm tempted to show this to a tech editor and have him explain it to me

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